is an aggregator of advertisers who provide competing or comparable products to the consumer.  Our  advertising & marketing network consists of approximately 6,000 pure and intuitive generic, common use, surname or geographic <.com> Internet Domains. 

            Just like a hard copy Yellow Page publication, we provide "Yellow Page" style directory listings on thousands of <.com> "pages" with related advertising such as at,, and

            <.com>'s are a self-promoting, self-advertising and self-marketing media source - known as "Direct Navigation" - meaning Internet users many times will key in what they want into the command line of their Internet Browser followed by a <.com>, such as CheapApartments.con, for example,  rather than keying in "Cheap Apartments" into a search engine, like Google, Yahoo, Ask or Bing.
This results in our network of "<.com> TV Channels" containing storefronts, advertising and other content.

            "Direct Navigation" coupled with our "Yellow Page" directory listings <.com>'s becomes a clean and effective targeted advertising alternative to the Google, Yahoo, Ask or Bing search engines.

            Contact us about advertising on one of our "<.com> TV Channels", like Cheap Homes, Cheap Apartments, Cheap Drugs, Cheap Meds, Cheap Sports, Cheap Electronics, Cheap Lawyers, Cheap Quotes, Cheap Rugs, Cheap Remodeling, Cheap Healthcare or Cheap Movies.
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